Sony At E3


Sony’s event will be taking place, June 14th 2am (UK time)

It has already been confirmed by Sony themselves that the PS4 Neo exists, but sadly we will not be seeing it at the E3 presentation (an opportunity missed if you ask me).

We may not be seeing the PS4 Neo, but we will most certainly be seeing a selection of games.

The Last Guardian is a game that really needs a release date, after nearly a decade of development (yes you read that right a DECADE) it really should be soon.

Other games that seem sure to be making an appearance include:

Gran Truism Sport
No Man’s Sky
Resident Evil 7
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remaster

Given Activision’s deal with Sonly we are sure to see Sony get early DLC access, and we will probably get the usual Call of Duty trailer along with a little bit of information (don’t forget those fish move)


A game that has been confirmed for E3, is Detroit: Become Human, the next game from the developers of Heavy Rain (a brilliant game if you ask me). A game trailer was shown off at last years E3, but information has been light on the ground for this particular title. A release date for Detroit: Become Human has yet to be announced, we will probably hear something at Sonys presentation.

another game that may make an appearance is the Last of Us 2, a sequel to the popular Last of Us title by Naught Dog. The original was remastered for PS4 and released on July 29th 2014, players took control of Joel, a man that was tasked with escorting Ellie across a post-apocalyptic version of the US. The game scored high with players and critics alike, (CNET gave it 10/10 IGN also gave it 10/10). It’s possible that Sony will want to follow up with the games success by announcing a sequel.

a highly talked about rumour, is the possibility of a Red Dead Redemption 2 game announcement. The first game (Red Dead Redemption) was a very popular and successful title from Rockstar Games. There is a good chance that we will see a reveal for the title, however it probably wont be anything more than a short teaser trailer with a release date of possibly 2017.

Yet again another game company is getting involved in the VR market, later in the year Sony will be releasing the Playstation VR. It is likely that they will talk about and possibly show some demos of it’s titles, after all they are going to need to give people a reason to buy into the VR market.

Personally i was hoping to see the PS4 Neo console at Sony’s E3 presentation, as someone who is interested in purchasing a PS4 to sit alongside my XBox One, i want to see what the Neo can do before buying the PS4 console.

I wont be live Tweeting during this event, it’s 2am in the morning (UK time) however you can follow me on Twitter @DavidDjames25


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