E3 2016: Microsoft Possibilities

Now we come to Microsoft. Happening at 5:30pm BST Monday 13th June, and quite simply I could very much enjoy this press conference or I could hate this press conference. The reason why I could hate this press conference is if they bark on and on about new hardware, whether it be Holo lens or Oculus Rift, or the rumours to be confirmed, maybe, of a slimmer Xbox one or a redesign Xbox one. As now we have really got into the meat of the generation cycle I want to see a bag load of games that I could play. Now I could love some of the hardware, I still want an elite controller, as I think it would be perfect for racing games to turn the paddles at the back into gears. But if they go on about it too much it will just become an attempt at hovering your cash off you due to the elite controller been popular, I cannot find it anywhere.

Now we are likely to see Halo: Guardians, perhaps more details on Halo Wars 2, as it is going beta very soon. Now all the fuss, gaming wise for Microsoft will be Gears of War 4, something that you can add to let’s focus on the multiplayer, and staple on a 6-hour story single campaign, which bores me. Others of you may keep a strong eye out for it, but not me.

Crackdown 3, a game announced 2 years and still has no firm release date should get some sort of release date this time round, again another multiplayer oriented game. Given the fact that a demo was playable at Gamescom, this is very likely to happen.

Rounding the big games news, that we kind of know is coming,  would be Scalebound, made by the studio that brought us Vanquish, which I personally thought was the best shooter of the last generation of consoles. Now this has been pushed back to 2017 and was also announced 2 years ago. Something I am very happy that Bethesda didn’t do for Fallout, I prefer it announced then released a few months later. Scalebound is something I will see with intrigue as I have enjoyed games from this developer so we will see.

Now to go on about the rumours, Sunset Overdrive 2, is something that has been teased lately, and strongly rumoured to be happening, and no doubt we will see something regarding Forza, most likely Forza Horizon 3 because now they make them every year, turn 10. If they wanted to do that go buy the F1 franchise or some other motorsport franchise.

Now I talked about Titanfall 2 in the EA blog, but if it isn’t announced during that press conference do not rule it out been announced here, given the first game was a Xbox exclusive. Also the potential for more mentions of EA sports games franchises, with maybe a little of Ubisoft thrown in there for good measure, we will see.

Now the hardware, which has been a big talking point regarding Microsoft this year, and if they are to be believed they seem to think that they can do an Apple and bring out different versions of the Xbox one, a slimmer version been the most likely to be announced this time around. A console that streams its games, so if true, anyone with a poor internet connection, lives in rural areas, I feel sorry for you. As this would prove that Microsoft does not give a damn about you, and that they want to do away with disc’s. Next generation does not be surprised if they go full Apple and release a new console every year. Especially if they are doing a more powerful console, just because Sony are as well. Something I am sure will be mention on the Sony blog.

But we are not finished yet with hardware. Oh no! Let us mention possibly Oculus Rift. The technology that will most likely be the new Kinect, last a few years then because the price does not drop, or because people do not have space in their homes to play it, will be dead. To further that more Holo lens, just to ram it home that technology companies want us to have homes where we can easily find 6ft of room to play our games, insteads of sitting on teh chair chilling out with a single controller and playing in the confines of your bedroom, or living room, no matter the size of shape.

That leaves me to say this at the end, will they surprise us with a big game announcement at the end of the press conference. We will see.

Oh and one final thing would be backwards compatibility, and my wish is this:


I will be live tweeting this press conference so feel free to follow me on twitter @robayeit.


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