E3 2016: Bethesda Possibilities

Damn you Bethesda, one of the press conferences that I am, personally, looking forward to and they decide to hold it at 3am Monday morning on 13th June.  The frustration going through me is very hard not to show at times. DAMN YOU BETHESDA!

Anyway, let’s calm down and let us get down to what we could see at Bethesda’s press conference.

Now I am going do this the other way round to what people may think I do because I will first go on about the games I am perhaps not so interested in, and save the one, or ones that I am looking forward to later on. So first we have Wolfenstein will we see a further addition to that particular gaming world, it is a game I have not played personally, the simple grind of level and shooting anything that moves kind of bores me after a while, so I cannot get too excited about such games.

Next on the hit list of potentials is Evil within 2, a survival horror for those that do not know, again a game I not played. With Bethesda trying to expand their horizons it is something well worth keeping an eye on to see what they have to offer with the further expansion of Bethesda titles and new IP’s.

Thirdly, a sequel to Prey, something people have been asking for, now this could be a long shot to some people given that Hines said back in 2014 that they had cancelled a sequel due to ‘not seeing a path to success’ so if it makes an appearance at E3 fans of the first game, which was published by 2K games, would be a very welcome announcement for them to make.

Right, shall we move onto the one thing that everyone is hoping for from this press conference, Elder Scrolls? Now we are very much expecting some sort of announcements regarding ESO on future DLC what they may contain, and given we know Clockwork City is coming, those completing a certain other DLC get a bit of hint towards that, and we are seemingly, possibly going back to Vvardenfell and the rumours of a Daedric realm. Could we see more, housing, spell crafting and more, and been an ESO plus subscriber it gets me very excited and makes my partner nervous as it means more time I devote to my Xbox one, whoops. On top of that, as at time of writing this, Dark Brotherhood coming out Tuesday, which means I trying very hard to get through Witcher 3 and watching Euro 2016, and keeping tabs on F1 Canadian GP, and with E3 starting Sunday I am very hooked to every device I can keep tabs on such news.

Ok so I know we are hoping for an announcement on Elder Scrolls 6, and personally I would go mad if they did announce it, but I cannot see it personally. Pretty much the same team that make Fallout also make Elder Scrolls,  and they tend to alternate between the two. The way they alternate between them two is kind of a clue of that. But to make up for it a rumour that really surfaced within the last few days is a remastered version of Skyrim. We already knew it existed last year when they said that they made it for Xbox one so they can get used to the mechanics of the new generation of consoles and help them make Fallout a better game. Rumours are it will be graphically much better, a given really, all DLC will be included.

Now people have asked does it make sense, well the 11 November is on a Friday this year, and it would be the 5th anniversary, something they did do for Oblivion was bring out a 5th anniversary of the game. So in all, it looks like this is happening, and with the possibility of Mods for the console versions, I am very excited.

Now as I alluded to at the start this press conference is on at stupid o’clock in the morning for me, so I will not be able to live tweet this one, DAMN YOU BETHESDA! So I will be getting up to check out all the trailers and watch the press conference some 3-6 hours later that it starts.



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