E3 2016: EA Possibilities

With E3 now only a few days away with EA kicking us off on Sunday at 9pm BST, we are going to look at each press conference and see what everyone may see, may not see. What we would like to see and what possibilities could happen.

Now let us get the obvious out of the way, we know for a fact we are going to see sports, and probably a lot of time dedicated to it, FIFA, NHL, NBA, NFL and possibly some MMA. Now FIFA is something does interest me a little, but one issue I have always had with sports games, whether I like the sport or not, is that they can go several years doing exactly the same thing and something feels like the makers have just copy and pasted the coding, looking at you COD.

Now getting that out of the way let us go at the main games. Mass effect: Andromeda, my main interest in EA’s press conference. We just need to see some sort of gameplay footage. It has been in development for years and given how Bioware so badly messed up the ending for Shepard storyline, then announced they doing this and held back details for what feels like an eternity, they have some serious making up to do. Especially the fact they changed the ending to the pile of the garbage we saw. Another reason, and the main reason, we need some gameplay footage is the fact the game is due out in under a year now. So Bioware will want to show something here so they can use the rest of the time hyping it all up to a crescendo come release time.

Before I leave Bioware alone, still angry at that ending, there are rumours and there have been for a year or two now, of a remastered version of the trilogy for the new generation of consoles. Now while if true I do not have many issues with it, but given Mass Effect is backward compatible with Xbox one this would be more an EA move rather than Bioware. So much more of a money making move, with less effort than just making a fantastic game and giving us something new to feast on.

Now given how FPS’s are so popular at the moment, something I am not as much interested in, and given that Star Wars is suddenly so popular that the George Lucas fan club have left their nursing homes and come out to praise him some more, wrongly in my view, and now kissing Disney’s backside for making more and more and turning it back into a cash cow, that up follows EA to further ram it down and make themselves money off it. Whether it be DLC for Battlefront, a new Battlefront or even a new title to join the Star Wars gaming community. This is further compounded by the rumour that Respawn are working on a Star Wars title, and DICE are working on a Battlefront 2, a game that was not given the best reception, for a piece of Satr Wars gaming that it.

Speaking of Respawn, the possibility if seeing something from Titanfall 2, which makes the possibility of seeing something of the rumour I mentioned before a little less likely.

Finally, will we see what all this fuss, from 2 years ago now, is all about and what this new IP from Criterion games is? We will find out come Sunday Evening.

We will blog about the other press conferences in other blogs. We will be live tweeting during the EA press conference, @robayeit is the twitter to follow for this one.




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