How I would Improve? The Daleks

Well, I am having a crack at the big baddy from Doctor Who! Well, I say big baddy but for most of their run in the new series’ they have been about as bad as a newborn puppy sitting on the table giving you the cutest look they can give you. Yes, they, kind of, caused the Doctor to regenerate on 3 different occasions, one more a half regeneration in The Stolen Earth episode. But still you never got that sense of been scared, afraid, or the sense that something bad was about to happen. You just sat on your chair or couch and knew at some point the Doctor would come up with something brilliant, or some amazing, unlikely, impossible piece of luck would enter the battle between the Doctor and the Daleks and poof the Doctor wins the day. BORING, PREDICTABLE, are the words that come to mind.

So let’s look at how I would improve them. The boundaries are quite simple for this one, everything that has happened did happen, we are not changing anything from before, or looking at previous shows. The great thing about a show like Doctor Who you can make changes as you progress through the show, something I did with the Weeping Angels before.
First off we need to get rid of an annoying part of the recent Daleks, transforming into Humans and other species to infiltrate and get plans, where the eye stalk comes out of the head. Now this is annoying for one simple reason, the Daleks believe themselves to be perfection, they hate everything and everyone. So for someone to think that making them transform into other creatures would be almost a perversion to them. Also, it is an incredibly lazy gimmick


Rubbish, boring, too easy, predictable.

Second we need to make them feared, and the easiest way to do that kill someone. Now before anyone say anything , no we are not about to suggest they kill the Doctor. Reason one is it is too easy, yes we can tease that they have killed the Doctor in a more permanent way throughout a story arc. That is something that can be teased and worked throughout. I am thinking about killing off a companion, this way it’s permanent and if you do it in a shock out of the blue manner, for example when the Doctor and his companion have been captured, before we make them scary and better, the audience will think it is a normal scene like before and the Doctor will get them both out. Well, sorry guys and girls, not this time. The Doctor cannot simply succeed everytime he goes into battle. The enemy has to back him up, make him make a mistake, which I will go into later on. It also reaffirms my point from before that these are hateful creatures, the Daleks hate everything everyone and so they will exterminate everything and everyone.

Jammy dodger really! Just kill him already!

A particular story you could use is the Doctor going to these different planets and finding destruction and carnage, and gradually as the series progresses the Doctor gets closer to the creatures doing this, this been on a genocide basis of mass murder, thousands, and millions dead on each planet. This leads to the Doctor catching up and in his fury of seeing the destruction he loses his companion who gets shot out of the blue as the Doctor is playing his usual tactics and making them talk. The Daleks obviously fed up and to make him shut up shoot his companion stone dead. Shocking everyone watching and the Doctor who now and utterly fears the situation he is in.

The third thing I would do, have the Doctor beaten by them, and not Victory of the Daleks style, where in some weird way he got his way. I mean to defeat the Doctor, break the Doctor, make the Doctor doubt himself in future series. Make him doubt himself and his abilities whenever he faces the Daleks. We want to see the look of fear in the Doctor’s eyes when he sees that he up against the Daleks, the look of holy s**t in his face, because during the current series they are a laughing joke. Every time they are on screen whether there is one like the Big Bang. Or whether there are millions and billions floating around a planet like in Time of the Doctor. At none of those points did anyone believe the Doctor was in serious peril or in mortal danger that could wipe the universe of all life except the Daleks, which is their ultimate goal.

Scared, more like aw! Are you ok, little kitty.

Some further changes I would make them would be via their hardware. One change would be to their gun by giving it different settings. Now it was teased they could have maximum extermination in The Stolen Earth, but I would go further than that. Have the gun that rotates around to find these different settings, different radiation types, poison gas bombs or flash bombs to bring creatures out of hiding to be exterminated. As I said before they are ruthless hate filled creatures that want to kill everything, not Dalek. So for that to take hold they need to utterly ruthless, they are the type of creatures that go into a fight head first, shooting at everything that moves and they do not ask questions, much like the stereotype of an American really.

To make a lot of this happen the Daleks need to take a break from been on the screen, now this may not be possible as I believe, or there is rumoured to be an agreement in place that they must appear in every series for the BBC to be able to keep using them. Now if this is the case they would need bit parts, something like you sees them in a museum, or you see one of them in a distance and the Doctor is a little confused. Using them almost as easter eggs in films and TV shows nowadays for little bits in them.

Now obviously we could very easily bring back the colourful phenomenon from Victory of the Daleks. However, the whole multi-coloured Dalek may work in terms of identifying rank and how far up the hierarchy that particular Dalek is. However, I think for keeping with that ruthless edge and making a look more menacing, keeping the golden Dalekanium look, of which the Daleks are made out of makes looks more ferocious and menacing that seeing some bright blue Dalek.

More of this from time to time. The look of a beaten Doctor.

Overall, I want them to do something along the lines of Earthshock, the episode that they killed Adric in, the Doctor is backed into a corner and Adric tries to save the day, but at a cost of him dying. But with nowadays they can go further, the Doctor doubts himself, he thinks he’s lost his touch, his not the all invincible Doctor he was before, he could not go in and save the day and do his thing and everyone lives. Hell, have a teaser at the start of the series with nothing but a black screen and the sound of a Dalek moving across the screen. It turns to face the camera and all you see it the light from eye stalk of the Dalek. It then says, loudly and clearly, the Apex predator has been exterminated, which is a nickname for the Doctor. Again putting intrigue into Doctor Who, and making the audience, hopefully, curious and wonder how this comes about. I could go very much into this story idea, and maybe for fun, I will write it down in script or novel form.

I hope you have enjoyed my little opinion piece. Feel free to check my other How I would Improve out, and if you would like me to take a crack at a character or film or TV show lay a DM on me on twitter (@robayeit), or place a comment here. Place a like at the bottom of the screen and give this blog a follow for more.


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