Cancelled tv shows that have a bad ending

As you all will be aware castle has been cancelled and there will be no season 9 despite the fact that Nathan Fillon has signed a contract for 1 more season. It seems as though the show just couldn’t go on without stana ,which is understandable as one of the main reasons to watch this show, besides the over the top murder mysteries , was the great chemistry between Beckett and castle. As a result of the cancelled on the show we got a subpar ending that literally left me feeling empty and very disappointed.

Considering this was a season finale it was a very forgettable episode, the only thing I can remember is the pitiful reveal of who is loksat, all the very few cute moments between Kate and castle and the boring ending.  The sizzling chemistry between Beckett and castle and all the humour you get between all the characters in this show is one of the main reasons I love this show and as I am a big fan of murder mysteries, castle , like  criminal minds, Luther and rizzoli and isles is one of my favourites.

Castle is a very likeable character whose over the over top theories in nearly every episode make it impossible not to love him. Beckett is also a great character who can kick ass but also has the biggest heart. I have enjoyed watching all 8 seasons of this show , I just wish that the writers hadn’t felt the need to put in a scene that was extremely forced, predictable and unoriginal just because the show has got cancelled. I understand that they didn’t have much time to write the ending as it most likely was going to be a totally different ending , but it felt like to me like they had put no thought at all into it and fans of this show deserve better than that.


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