The Flash Season 2 Review

Now for obvious reasons *SPOILER ABOUND*. So if you have watched the complete season, or simply do not care about spoilers feel free to continue reading.

So, where do we start, the beginning? Barry is been a little bit down in the dumps after seeing Ronnie lose his life to the singularity, due to Firestorm separating in the middle of it causing it to close up. So the cliffhanger to season one primarily gets dealt with pretty quickly, but at a cost. However, this is not the whole story as the team learns that smaller breaches were also opened and other ‘things’ have come through them. This opens up one of the main parts of the Flash, the Multiverse, and boy does it open a lot of possibilities. But as of this season, we only see Earth-2. So hopefully we will see other Earths in further seasons.

One good effect of this, which was teased in the finale of season 1, is we meet ‘Jay Garrick’ well we think we do, more on that later. But the breaches allow the gang to meet and work again with Harrison Wells, this time, the real one, but from Earth-2. As we progress, quite nicely, through the season we meet the usual candidates for villains. King Shark, more of Captain Cold, the Atom Smasher and more. The big bad guy for this season is Zoom, now all the comic book fans and those who follow the flash will know instantly who the name of Zoom is, but with the show making a few changes you were always on tender hooks to just confirm that fact. So for those who did not know who he was, it was enjoyable.

A lot of the early and some of the middle part of the season sets up some of the Legends of Tomorrow, a little down point as at times it did feel as though it was packing in a lot of stuff into some episodes, but nothing that detracted from the main story arc too much. But once we get to episodes 9-10 it picks the pace again and you find out more about zoom, his back story, why he is what he is, and again it’s very enjoyable and adds meat to story of him for those who may not. This is one reason why I love DC comics heroes and villains have healthy backstories and mythology to them, so you care about the villains as well as caring for the heroes, one example of this been my hatred for the film adaptation of Doomsday, which I did a blog of how I would improve so feel free to check that out, I will put a link below.

Another down point to the season was the ‘relationship’ between Barry and Patty, which I felt when a little off, and felt like they were trying a little too hard to generate the same sort of story that Iris and Eddie had in season 1. In the end just felt awkward and you wanted it done and dusted. Luckily it did not really come too  much to the forefront of the episodes it was a part of and Patty left for Midway city, lucky the TV and film universes are not shared as Suicide squad appears to be taking place there. But for me, on a personal note, I am not a big fan of always having that love angle, sometimes it feels very forced and unless it fits the story, like Iris and Barry, more on that later, then it makes segments of episodes awkward and unwatchable. Unfortunately, this seems to be a big case in Arrow, but I will go through that in an Arrow review.

What was a massive highlight was seeing Barry, Cisco and Wells  going to Earth-2, seeing more doppelganger’s, people who are in appearance the same as those on Earth-1. This offered a refreshing take on the characters that we have, very quickly, grown to enjoy very much, and no doubt gave the actors a chance to stretch they acting muscles. Seeing Zoom in his home territory, and meeting his prisoners in the iron mask, which offered a further layer to the main story arc. Which then leads into the story been ramped up another notch, and adds to the intrigue of Zoom and we find out that Jay was not Jay but was Hunter Zolomon, who is Zoom. This leading to Barry losing his powers due to Zoom taking them so he can get faster.

However, how bad this sounds we get a few very interesting episodes where Barry tries to adjust, badly and tries to regain them. This beautiful heads us to one of the finest episodes of the two season yet. Episode 21 The Runaway Dinosaur, where Barry is stuck in the speed force, a beautifully orchestrated episode that will have you keeping those tissues close to you, even me, who never gets upset by stories and moments in the stories, was very close probably closest I got to crying and shedding a tear to this episode, more please Kevin Smith, who directed that episode.

The finale is enjoyable and thrilling, and ends the Zoom story arc nicely and cleanly, using all the elements you have seen throughout the season and wraps them up in a nice little bow for you to enjoy. The only downside to the finale is the cliffhanger they leave you on, it did not quite have the impact that last season had, but for those who do not know it leads us to Flashpoint. Go check out that comic for those who do not know what it is.

Overall it was a very enjoyable season, at times it was not as good as season 1 but others was better than season 1. I look forward to season 3 with high anticipation, and give season 2 of the Flash:


My season one is here: The Flash Season 1 review





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