How I would Improve? Weeping Angels.


So as the title of this post suggests I am going to have a go at improving the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

Now the reason I am starting with a villain, or monster, depending on how to want to word it, is the fact that a lot of villains in the Doctor Who have been, well, misused, not used properly, or in some case completely ruined. 

So let’s start by looking at the villains, which is how I will refer to them in the case of this tv show. They started off as creepy, they made you sometimes even walk down the street thinking is that statue over there a weeping angel, you knew it was not but you wished don’t lie. But as time has gone on since their appearance in series 3 in ‘Blink’ they have faded to nothing more than simple ankle grab in the last episode of series 7 and a cameo in series 9.

Now, Yes Rory and Amy got ‘killed’ by one, more teleported back in time and then a tombstone with their names appeared, not very upsetting, but what else have they done not a lot else. Yes they were in the fantastic double episode of series 5, The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone, which was at the heart of the best series of Doctor Who in the modern era, shall we say, but they did not menace or scare, just a silly attempt to make the Doctor angry and then he poofed right into action.

So how to make them, better. Well, what if we have only seen discarded ones, rejected one, halflings, baby or teenager weeping angels, choose anyone you want. They can send people back in time and feed off their time energy, well what if a fully formed, fully grown weeping angel can take your soul, your life force at any moment it chooses, or when it is told when it needs to take it. For a fully formed weeping angel works on behalf of the Grim Reaper himself. Fulfilling the Grim Reapers duty of recycling the souls from body to body, to make sure the life cycle remains intact, for one thing or creature could not do it all by itself, and if too many souls are entered into the universe at one time, chaos enters the fray and Grim Reaper is a protector from chaos.

This would then put the Doctor in a dilemma every single time he faced them, he would not be able to simply deal with them, put them down and move on. They have to continue their work, it’s vital to a universe, he has to be more precise, more surgical. The Doctor would have to be thinking of every eventuality, cause any could arise. You could use a number of reasons to put him head to head with them. From a simple clan or group of them have been cursed or altered to work for someone else, to the Grim Reaper becoming fed up and fulfilling this cycle, and the power he possesses is now too much for him to just go on a killing spree. Even a story revolving around the Grim Reaper requiring to collect a soul and Doctor says no, it could be a companion or someone he is fond of. All in all this sort of evolving of the weeping angels would always keep them around, always make them a menace and would always allow the story to go in a number of direction that a viewer may not predict, or not expect.

One specific story I like from this scenario is the Grim Reaper been poisoned by an outside source and calls upon the Doctor to save him. It is not a usual poisoning, been the Grim Reaper, not a usual creature, this would lead the Doctor having to take the taint away from the Grim Reaper causing him to regenerate, a good way to introduce a character, or end a Doctors cycle.

I hope you enjoy my way of improving the weeping angels if you have your own ideas feel free to put them in the comment sections and if you would like to me a try a character from a tv show or movie, lay it on me, I am always up for the challenge. 


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