How I would Improve? Doomsday (Just the film version)

Now for anyone who has not watched the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, this is your only warning:


Right now that is out of the way, let us begin.

So to put it briefly, and in my own opinion, the film iteration of Doomsday was, well….erm…..pathetic. It was heavily CGI’d, you had no explanation as to how it can regenerate. Even if you have read the comics and enjoy that and the cartoon versions of Doomsday, you may even scratch you head as to how he can do certain things. Hell if you read the comics you know his one badass killing machine, that cannot be stopped, slowed maybe, one of the commanders from Mass Effect comes to mind during the battle for the Citadel, I believe it was, as I type that, “It cannot be stopped.”

Now how to we improve this bad version of him, in my opinion, others may differ,  and make him better. Well first we need to set the boundaries,

  1. We will need to have him created on Earth, how much it pains me to keep this one for the purpose of the film he will need to be.
  2. Alexander Luthor still creates him.
  3. He uses Zod’s body to form it.

All three of those boundaries are painful, and the easy way to make the film better would be to wipe him away and keep the death of Superman story until after Darkseid and possibly Brainiac. But boundaries are boundaries and to make it fair let’s stick to what was in the film and tweak it.

So the first problem is his regeneration ability, so we give life to him earlier in the movie, his smaller, his still dangerous and Luthor uses Doomsday in a sort of deathmatch for unruly employees. They get tossed into the birthing chamber told if you survive my test you get to come out, if not tough luck. This would allow some flexibility for some to kill Doomsday, with bullets or knives as he is smaller and easier for a Human to take it on. Having him lose means he is learning, getting stronger, regenerating, and explains this to the audience that this ability is in his locker.

Next, you need to explain his utter ruthless edge and ability to destroy all, even desire to destroy all. In the comics the first time you see him out of his cage after beating it for a few stories to get out he squishes an innocent little bird simple you may say, but you know straight away Doomsday does not care for anything at all.

To explain this, I would have him beat down Batman, he is no match at all for him, so the fight where he brings down the Batwing, instead of trying to fry him, he beats him down, thoroughly, he needs to be carried off the battlefield afterward. He can then call the shots from the sideline, observing noticing weaknesses, firing the final kryptonite bullet he has left from a distance, for when Superman slays him with the spear. Again for those that read the comics he utterly gives the Justice League a thorough destructive beat down, before he faces Superman.

Finally closure, we do not see anything of Doomsday after the fight has finished, a simple scene where he is shot into space in a prison like that from the comics means he could still be alive, or regenerate again and come back at a later point.

Personally, if I had my way, which I do not, I would do away with Doomsday in the movie full stop, and bring him later, his not really needed in there and the extra 30 minutes his in the movie could have been used to enhance other parts of the film that really need it, but hey too late now. Hell if someone told me I had to keep him I would bring in the original Doomsday from Ancient Krypton and have it kick this Doomsdays backside and kill it.



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