Hush review 

Hush is about a woman named Maddie, who is a deaf author who lives in a remote  house in the woods, trying to work on her latest novel. That’s when the unnamed killer strikes. You might be thinking that it’s just another home invasion movie, which lets face it, there is a lot of them out there, but this a thriller/horror movie with a difference as unlike the strangers that I had the displeasure of watching a few months ago, this movie knows how to build up the tension.

What is also great  about this movie is the fact that in the first scenes you hear everything amped up as you hear her cracking eggs and the sound of her phone pinging and then the sound goes away. I think that gives the audience a better connection with Maddie as it begs the question what would you do in a situation like hers? The unnamed killer may not speak much in the movie and we may not know who he is or why he is there but it makes him more chilling as he plays mind games with her even though he knows he could easily break in and kill her, he chooses to step back and messes around with her first as he steals her phone, sends strange pictures to her laptop and peers through her window, not only that he also gets off on the level of psychical violence that inflicts on people. You will be surprised at how much you want Maddie to win against this psychopath.

I found myself literally cheering her on the near the end to give him what he deserves. Although this film is quite similar to a movie from 1967 called wait until dark, it’s still a good movie to watch, especially in the dark. There is one fault I found in this movie as there is a dream sequence in it which I am not a fan of as I feel it takes me out of the movie. Overall it’s a brutal and tense movie that I definitely recommend if you are a horror fan to watch on Netflix as soon as possible.

This film was directed by Mike Flanagan and starred Kate Siegel and John Gallager jnr


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