bates motel season 4 review

This review will contain spoilers.

This season, in my opinion, has been the best season so far of bates motel. It’s got even darker and creepier and that is why I love it.

At the start of the season, you see sheriff Romero dumping the body of Bob Paris into the bay, it’s then we learn that Norman is missing which he is then found by a man, but he appears to be talking to himself. He then put into a psychiatric ward in which he is promptly out of as soon as Norma finds out exactly where her son is.

Norma, knowing Norman is in need of a lot of help and proper care, then desperately tries to get her son into pinewood, which I can relate to being a mother myself, your children are your life , and it means going above and beyond to help them when they need it the most you do it. It’s one of the aspects of Norma bates character that I do admire. I know saying that she could have got Norman help a lot earlier when he started to blackout but she was clearly scared of losing him.

One of my favourite episodes is episode 5 when Norman is talking to doctor Edwards as ‘mother’, and you actually see the fear in Norman’s eyes when he realises he has no idea the things he does and says when he blackouts and becomes ‘mother’ That’s when he starts to slowly get better, until he finds out his mother has married sheriff Romero and giving her track record on relationships in the past Norman is clearly not happy about it, and that’s when the things turn sour. Which leads to the death of Norma bates, which if you ever watched the brilliance that is the film called Pyscho you knew her demise was inevitable.

The last 20 minutes of episode 10 were not only heartbreaking to watch but so chilling , I was on the edge of my seat and I did not wanna look away no matter how weird it got and believe me it got seriously weird. It’s then you start to realise that it’s now come full circle and Norman is now in full psycho mode. It so sad to watch how desperate Norman was to keep his mother alive and that all that left of the person he loves the most is what’s in his twisted mind. I am more than intrigued to find out what in store for season 5. The only thing that does worry me is if they try and redo pyscho too much and which if the rumours of Marion crane appearing in season 5 are true then that maybe the case.

Overall my score for season 4

10 out 10

Bring on season 5 


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  1. Very very good review. Great descriptive writing that keeps the reader intrigued and it makes me want to watch the show 😀


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