The Armchair F1 Fan: The Crash!

Well, well, well. That was a very interesting race. Records got broke, controversial pit stops, and most importantly, well maybe not but the talking point that made you forget half the race until you realised Max Verstappen could win it, the crash at the lead into turn 4 with both Mercedes.

First off, I will say that I will be giving almost two views on this, first my own personal view, the way I saw it as the race unfolded. The second how I see it now, after seeing all the different camera angles, views from other people etc.

So my own personal viewpoint, and I will get straight down to it. Rosberg’s fault, now I know people have their own personal opinion on it, fanboys been the main concern for this, because fanboys, to me, are a pain in the rear end, with their rose-tinted spectacles on.

The reason why I give blame to Rosberg is simple, he has to give room, a cars width to be precise. Hamilton got a significant portion of his car alongside Rosberg’s car that he was entitled, by the rules, to have space. He did not need to aggressively flick his car across the race track as he did, especially after Hamilton made his move first. Even more so, that Rosberg, unlike the drivers usually do, did not go defensive straight away, as I said unlike the drivers usually do so. This means he was caught  short, with his pants down if you wish to use that saying, and so Hamilton had got the high ground. Now obviously there was a reason for this, and I will go into detail about it later on as it affects the second of the viewpoints I am giving. Hamilton came at him at such a speed he had to choose which way to go and stick to it. He made his move decisively, before Rosberg and got along side enough for the rules to kick into play to be on Hamiltons side. So when it happened in the race, even after a few initial replays I still believe it was Rosberg’s fault.

Now the second viewpoint is how I see it now, after seeing analysis, more replays, seen and heard more viewpoints, from people who do not go ape crackers on twitter, swearing and the like.Now maybe, as some Rosberg fans will say, it was not his fault, well maybe I was harsh on him. It’s still his fault, but not the reasons I mentioned above.

First off, he was having to change settings on his steering wheel, due to the car’s battery entering harvesting mode. This made Rosberg lose 160bhp from the engine, hence why Hamilton was able to catch up to him so quickly coming out of turn 3. Yet Rosberg should have recognised this and instead of using up the entire track, and in effect make Hamilton move to the grass, and in so doing so set off the accident. He should have given Hamilton space, as the rules stipulated he should have, and lived to fight another day.

Now that begs a question. Are the drivers doing too much on the steering wheel?

Well, basing it on the evidence from above, the answer could very well be a resounding yes! Reason being that if Rosberg was not having to change a setting on the steering wheel coming out of turn 3, effectively using one hand at 160 plus MPH. He would have reacted earlier to Hamilton coming out of turn 3 better and would have avoided the incident as a whole, and we would have had a very interesting battle with the Mercedes to watch, a fight we have very much been looking forward to.



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