The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Review

Now before I start with this review I would like to add *SPOILERS ABOUND* So please feel free to read ahead if you have watched the show already, or do not care about spoilers. 

Where to begin, well first let’s set what happened in season 8 where we left Leonard and Penny going to vegas to get married. That was the hook, or cliffhanger to lead into season 9, and it was something that was boring, to be fair. It was predictable, boring and dull and something that should have happened 2 to 3 seasons ago, because we knew it was going to happen. Now that does not mean season 8 was bad, I will no doubt address my feelings and review on that season at some point in the future, but to put it in a general tone it was not the best season they have done. Somehow though season 9 gets worse, and I am putting it mildly here, but I will go into detail in why I think that as you continue to read this review.

I know, as with all tv shows, movies, music artists, sports stars etc some people would of no doubt of closed this screen down immediately, thinking I am already writing utter rubbish and that my view is utter garbage, and there is no way of changing  that viewpoint. But as you have read this far into the review I gather you are interested in how I have come to that viewpoint.

Let us start with the good points of this review, at least I should be positive first for a show I have watched all 9 seasons to get to its current point. Yes, it is still funny, the parents, when they come into the show, are almost the highlights of the season. Penny’s father and Leonard’s mother. We meet ‘meemaw’ or Sheldon’s grandma, see more of Sheldon’s mother, and in the finale see Leonard’s Father and how much he does hate his mother. The way they hit each other with cheap shots and how they despise each other is funny to see, and I am sure people can relate to them, whether parents, relative or just friends and is part of the charm of the show.

The weird relationship of Rajesh and Howard is still funny to see, despite how infrequent it is, luckily its more frequent later in the series, when Raj tales a fondness with Bernadette becoming pregnant, which I will address later.But his quirkiness in those situation made me put a smile on my face, and his weird, almost man crush on Howard, that has exists all the time in the show is well worked into the stories and into the episodes that it does appear in.

Ultimately this is a comedy tv show and as I have already alluded to features alot of comedy in it. Sheldon’s mannerism and attitudes towards things from previous seasons, and what made people love the tv show are still able to flicker in some episodes. The only problem been its infrequent, and does not come through in every episode. The way all the guys, when together, bicker and wind each other up with how they act and percieve certain things, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard pick at the many mannerisms of Sheldon, who then bounces back with his own terrible quip that is enjoyable to watch. Yet he then beasts them at his return in smarts, even when drunk in episode 16 to help solve their problem, by expanding upon Sheldon and Leonard’s research.

Other bright moments in the show was the introduction of Dave, who Amy dated for a few dates, and added some humour and much needed fun into some of the early episodes, and added it into a much needed part when Sheldon and Amy got back together. This coincided with the Spock interview that came at a point in the season where the humour was becoming hard to find, and gave Sheldon, the main reason people enjoy the show, to shine.

The best episode in the season is, by far episode 19, when Sheldon’s laptop dies, his reaction to and subsequent reaction when Amy buys him a new one reminded me of the best episode from season 7, when Sheldon struggles with an xbox or ps4 and how he reacts with technology, and how much he enjoys yet battles with the dilemma of choice. Yet we also see more of him and how he uses and keeps hold of technological items and items he holds an attachment to, for alsorts of weird and funny reasons. But then the episode completes that by having Sheldon idolise his new 4k screen on his new laptop soo much that he insiduates sex with Amy, yet makes her go home to test his new 4k screen on using a web cam chat with her.

Now we must move on to the bad of the season, of which I have already lightly touched upon some. Let us first say about the story lines in the show, they are quite dull, boring, unimaginative and way too serious for a comedy show. Yes some people may call it a sitcom, but this show built itself on been funny and its not that funny anymore, as it used to be and the stories are boring and do not grab you at all. Its starts off with a wedding and a break up and ends up on a wedding dinner in the finale, the finale I will address soon. A golden opportunity in episode 3 to brighten up the story was a missed opportunity and just become a simple episode that was boring and lacked any sort of injection to make you want to watch more.

The shows humour has even been reduced, at times, to cheesy cringeworthy laughs that were hard to watch, the fun with flags turned into relationship advice been one example. Also been something that we have seen plenty of times with Raj in previous seasons. It wasn’t just the humour, going through the stories themselves was hard to watch, and felt very out of place in a show like this, Sheldon using one of Penny’s bra’s to make Amy feel jealous felt out of place for his character. Raj having two girlfriends by end of season when he has been struggling to hold one down felt like too big of step without any real explanation. The it was all capped off with a very quick integration of Bernadette getting pregnant, first Howard wants kids then Bernadette agrees to think about it, fair enough I have no issue with that. But literally a few episodes later she is pregnant, a bit quick there did we just just skip months and months, even years, because thats how long it can take couples to get pregnant.

From that point on in the season, it really goes downhill and the episodes get worse.The 200th episode, which should of been a big celebration of the show, it felt like that so I cannot moan and groan too much about it, but it felt forced into the season, something like this could of been mentioned earlier in the season to tease this big celebration of 200 episodes of Big Bang Theory. Now, yes my favourite episode of the season is episode 19, so yes it was not completely downhill from there, we did have a good blip. But as we got closer to the finale we had nothing to keep us going until that point.

This then, unfortunately, leads us to the finally, which was weak and poor all at the same time. The only snippet of story that we can even hope to enjoy in season 10 is the business around the patent Sheldon, Leonard and Howard got, and how the US Air Force are interested in it. Yet barring that, the finale felt like a filler episode, or to be more accurate, felt like the writers are running out of ideas. The ending for the shortened season, due to the writers strike was better than this ending.

Overall score for the season:





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